Believe it or not, there was a time when you had things you love in your life. And not just things. You had people, activities, beliefs, values, dreams, opinions, and love. Yes, even love.

You can have those again. It’s a matter of reconnecting.

Remember who you are.

Not who you WERE. Who you ARE.

You are the same person you were before Depression took hold. You have not changed. You are just in the firm grasp on an illness right now.

Once you remember who you are, it becomes easier to send the demon back where he belongs: in the back of your mind, as something to be aware of, not something that rules your life.

Reconnect with your life.

You had one before you met your demon and you can have one again. Once you’ve remembered who you are, it become easier to reconnect with things you used to love. Passions, hobbies, fandoms, talents, and skills will all come back into your life once  you let them.

Meditations for self.

Meditation is simple. You just sit comfortably, relax, and let your  mind go blank.

Uh-huh. That’s easy, isn’t it? Pffft!

In reality, there are many different types of meditation and if you have Depression, guided visualizations are a much more achievable task. We have a meditation library here in Black Orchid Alchemy and we’re constantly adding to it. 

Let us know if there’s something in particular that you would like added to the library. 


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