In Black Orchid Alchemy we talk a lot about managing the good days while resting and healing on the shit days.

But how do we actually do that? What does it mean in practical terms? 

We believe that it starts with owning your own health. That means recognizing when you’re having a shit day or a good day, and following strategies that you’ve already created. Not that your medical team have created, but that you have created.

Strategies that you KNOW you can follow. That you KNOW are good for you. And that you KNOW make a positive difference in your world.

You have to look after your physical health.

We’re not going to tell you to exercise, eat well, take vitamins, or any of the other stuff you’ve had rammed down your throat since you were first diagnoses. Probably before you were diagnosed.

You’re not stupid. You know that your physical health has an impact on your mental health just as your mental health, at any given time, can dictate whether or not you’re going to look after physical health today.

What we are going to tell you, is to pick one aspect of your physical health that you want to work on and master that. Once you feel you have that under control, you can move onto another one. 

You have to have a plan (written down) for shit days. 

When you’re having a shit day, your one job, is to follow your plan. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to create anything. You don’t have to talk to anyone (unless your day is shitty enough that you need help).

All you have to do is follow the plan.

And you must have your self-care in place. 

Your self-care plan is different from your shit day plan. Self-care is about all those little things you do, that make you feel good. That feed your soul and relax you. You know, fun things.

Your shit day plan is the bare minimum you need to do to survive until your mental health improves.


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