Despite what it might sound like, I’m not against taking medication for mental illness. I’m not against Doctors and the medical professionals either. I just think they need more education about the realities of Depression. You may agree, or not,  I guess it largely depends on what kind of help you’ve received from these people in the past.

However, I believe that you are the expert on your own health. You, your soul, your spirit, whatever paradigm you work with, knows exactly what you need to stay well. You just need to find a way to allow that information to come to the surface.  One of the ways to do that is by using some of the many different holistic therapies that are available now. In conjunction, or instead of, medication and the “traditional” route.

I’ll be adding more alternative therapies later on in the group (just in case you were wondering where the reiki section is) but for now, here’s what we’ll be working with in Black Orchid Alchemy.

Tarot Therapy

Tarot therapy is the process of using the tarot as a way to uncover insights about your own mental health. In Black Orchid Alchemy we use it in two ways. For the Blooming memberships,  I conduct a 3-card reading every month, for each member, that highlights an issue they’re coping with at the moment that relates to their Depression. The cards shine a light on the situation and provide a possible solution.

Tarot can also be used in a more direct way. When you look at a particular tarot card, what stands out for you? Is it an animal in the image? A color? Or is it the name of the card itself?

Crystal Therapy

The healing properties of crystals have been well known for hundreds of years. Each type of crystal has its own healing properties that can be used to create certain emotions and healing in the human body. For example, I like to sleep with a piece of amethyst under my pillow to help me sleep. I also work with clear quartz and black tourmaline for spiritual purposes and I use a piece of selenite daily to cleanse my body and aura.

Interestingly, the spirits of crystals are fun little creatures as well. If you’re into it, channelling with crystals can be an enlightening conversation.


Essential oils are another vital tool in your Depression management toolkit. They are fantastic for mood management and other symptoms as well as creating a gorgeous atmosphere in the home.

I always have a diffuser going at night to help me sleep and to help with my husband’s breathing as he has COPD. Lavender and eucalyptus are both staples: lavender is particularly good for soothing and balancing emotions while encouraging sleep. Just like crystals, each oil has its own particular healing properties.

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